Combo Tickets are available to attend both Haunted Forest and Zombie WarZ


Haunted Forest & Zombie WarZ is unlike any other Attraction you've visited!

We put you in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse with the finest arsenal of weapons money can buy! Zombie WarZ is Utah's last line of Defense... 

Yes, a Zombie Apocalypse where you have to fight off REAL life zombies!
 Think of it like a video game (ie. Left For Dead, Call of Duty, Gears of War)
where you get to hunt and take action against the Zombie Invasion!

Checklist, before you come:

First and foremost, make sure you're coming on a day we're open.  
You can check the calendar with the day's price by clicking here.

Haunted Forest Zombie WarZ DOES take credit cards,
a $2 convenience fee per ticket will be added to the ticket price.

Haunted Forest Zombie WarZ is for all ages that can shoot a paintball gun.
If you're up to the challenge and can pull a trigger, then you are welcome!

DIrections To Haunted Forest Zombie WarZ
Take Pleasant Grove Exit #275, West 1.8 miles, You're Here!


Combo Tickets are available to attend both Haunted Forest and Zombie WarZ

Zombie WarZ Tickets
Each person will be assigned a rank based on how much ammo is purchased when you buy your ticket.

$15 - Zombie WarZ General Admission
*Does Not include any paint slugs.

$5 – 100 Paint slugs

$30 – Combo Ticket: One general admission to both
Haunted Forest and Zombie WarZ.
*Does Not include any paint slugs.

$5 – Fast Pass: An extra $5 added to either Zombie WarZ General Admission Ticket or Combo Ticket will get you to the front of the line(s).

IMPORTANT: Paint slugs may be obtained both before and during your Zombie WarZ experience. All rounds used will be tallied throughout and purchased at the END of your Zombie WarZ experience. $5 for every 100 paint slugs.

How do you fight the zombies?

First, all Zombie Hunters will take their position on the Zombie Assault Vehicle (ZAV) The ZAV is an AM General M923 6x6 Army Truck and trailer specifically designed to knock these Zombie bad boys out for good!

Zombies want to infect you and all mankind with there highly contagious virus. Zombies do not fire back, they are trying to eat you. It is your job to aim straight and take them out.

A few well placed Zombie Slugs to the head will put them to bed, forever!

You will NEVER get off the Zombie Assault Vehicle while hunting. The ZAV will transport you around the entire grounds of the Haunted Forest Zombie WarZ during battle. There will be no walking through a haunted house. Think of it as an amped up haunted hayride where you're riding massive combat equipment and using weapons to fight off zombies!

Each ZAV vehicle & trailer is equipped with 33 weapons, one for each person.
These weapons are similar to paintball guns and they shoot special flesh eating Zombie Paint slugs used to kill zombies!

If you're trigger happy and use all your Zombie Paint slugs before the war is over, don't worry! You can purchase more ammo through out the trailer ride.

Shoot as many zombies for as many times you want!
Each trip lasts approximately 15 minutes. During the ride you'll come across different battle grounds where you'll get to test your marksmanship.


Lets lock and load Soldier!








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