24 years of FEAR at the Haunted Forest! The Wasatch Front's ONLY Scream Park!
We have gone out of our way to make this year so terrifying you will never forget it!

The Haunted Forest isn't like any other haunted house because it takes place in a REAL forest- with all the creepy, natural ambiance to go with it. There aren't any walls to protect you from the horrors that lurk in the trees, and no roof to keep out the howling October winds. Most indoor haunted houses take place in 30,000 square foot buildings; the Haunted Forest spans over 220,000 square feet of pure terror!

This adventure is not for the faint of heart... With nearly an HOUR of winding trails and mesmerizing "points of interest", this is TWICE as long as the average haunted house. Not only do we welcome you to try your luck at the Forest, your ticket also gives you access to the Haunted Mansion Show! Here you will watch and learn the secret of the terror in the Forest from the Crypt Keeper. Another bonus feature we offer is The Psycho Manor- an indoor haunt that winds you through our very own insane asylum. We've added several new and spooky segments this year, so try hard to keep your eyes open because you don't want to miss these ghoulish new frights!

That's not all! This year we have also added THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, a journey through the dreaded texas farmhouse where so many victims fell to the saw! This section of the haunt is so intense we've included a chicken out exit for those who don't think they have what it takes to face the horror of Leatherface and his beloved chainsaw. We've also got a tour through a snake infested tunnel, and many more blood curdling scares to make your night in the Haunted Forest one that you will NEVER forget!

"After going to the Haunted Forest last year, no other haunted house even comes close to this! The Haunted Forest isn't just like a haunted house, it's like a terrifying theme park! The Haunted Forest itself is a massive forest that scared me more than I've ever been scared IN MY LIFE! Then I went through the Psycho Manor, and even just thinking about it still gives me the creeps! Take my advice and don't waste your time and money on other haunted houses. The Haunted Forest is worth every penny!"

-Stacy Fox
Utah County Resident

"The simple fact that you are wandering through a real forest in the middle of the night adds a level of mind numbing fear that you won't find at any other haunted attraction! Add to that some of the most terrifying and intense actors and props, and you've got the formula for a perfect haunt. The Haunted Forest is the place to be for real terror during the Halloween season!

-Ken Carpenter
Salt Lake City Resident




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